The 40For40 Bible Reading Plan On The Writings of John

Read all of the Apostle John's Bible Writings - 40 Verses a Day for 40 Days

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End…Yes, I am coming soon. John 1:1; Revelation 22:13,20

The Writings of John 40For40 Bible Reading Plan is now available!

The Writings of John Bible reading plan will take you through all of the following:

  • The Gospel of John
  • 1 John
  • 2 John
  • 3 John
  • Revelation

You’ll average close to 40 verses a day over a 40 day period. 40For40 plans are designed to fuel your desire for a deeper, more meaningful connection with God while building a spiritually healthy habit of spending time with him in his word.

The Writings of the Apostle John Plan Includes a PDF of the Following:

  • An overview of the life and times of John, the disciple Jesus loved so you can understand John’s unique and intimate perspective of Jesus
  • A Brief summary of each book of John’s writing: date, audience, situation, theme – spiritual significance, purpose and other distinguishing characteristics to help you better understand the context and meaning of what you’re reading
  • A one-page reading guide for you to keep track of your daily readings and see the progress you’re making

A Snapshot of the One-Page Reading Guide

40For40 Reading Plan Sample

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