3 Tools to Enrich Your Daily Bible Reading Experience

Here are 3 tools I use every day that help me get the most out of my daily Bible reading experience. Try them out to see how they may work for you, too.

Plus a bonus resource…I’ve been an early riser since my Navy days :-). But not everyone is, or wants to be. Some have schedules that prohibits getting up before the crack of dawn. I get it.

But for those who have the opportunity and would like to develop the habit, I highly recommend Andy Traub’s  book, The Early to Rise Experience.

Heck, even if you don’t have the opportunity to rise early, this gem of a book will help you understand the importance of a personal time and how to establish one in your schedule – no matter what time works best for you! (See the bonus resource below for more!)

Here are the tools…

#1 – YouVersion Bible App for Computer or Mobile Devices

YouVersion Bible AppYouVersion makes reading the Bible easy and convenient. Their free Bible app is available for all computers, mobile devices and operating systems. Plus, your account and history info will sync up between all devices. They also have hundreds of short and longer term reading plans available. Go to Bible.com to learn more, or go to Bible.com/app from your mobile device to download the free app.

#2 – EVERNOTE to Record Verses, Notes and Reflections

evernoteEvernote has a Basic (free) version of their product you can use to record verses, notes and reflections. Their software and apps work equally well on mobile devices or computers, and will automatically sync content between all your devices. Use it also as a personal daily journal to track your experience in connecting with God and his word.

#3 – Coach.me for Tracking Your Bible Reading Progress and Receiving Encouragement from Others

coach.meCoach.me provides a free mobile app to help people record progress towards goals. Join the Daily Bible Reading group where you can record your daily progress, and receive props and encouragement from others. There’s something powerful about recording your daily activity. Sharing mutual goals, supporting one another, and being accountable play big dividends toward developing positive habits and outcomes.

And now for the bonus resource…

The Early to Rise Experience: Learn to Rise Early in 30 Days, by Andy Traub

early to riseMy bonus resource pick is this engagingly practical, direct and down to earth book. Its format of bite-size chapters is a perfect companion for daily Bible reading. Here’s a popular highlight: “You are pursuing greatness in your life through this challenge because the result of rising early is ultimately you being intentional about how you live.” The Early to Rise Experience is currently available on Amazon in paperback for $10, Kindle for $7.99, and includes a free audio version. You can read the entire book in about an hour, or read one chapter a day in conjunction with your daily Bible reading over a 30-day period.

What tools would you add to this list?




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